IOS 10 app development

Hello there iPhone lovers! As you probably now we are all exciting to see the new iOs 10 app design. How is going to look, are there some new features we don’t know? Well, let’s wait a little longer and see how iPhone is going to surprise us now! We are sure that it is going to be something way over perfection!

IOs 10 App Development – What we would like to see

As you probably have read there are not going to be some serious changes about the design and the features, when talking about iPhone 7. The design probably is going to be the same, except for little modification. The one that definitely is going to be changed is the price of the phone. According to rumors, the price for these revolutionary mobiles are dropping off. Their price is going to be cheaper than any other iPhone mobile designed by now. That means that finally the times has come, where we all can afford having one. We don’t don’t about you but we are definitely buying one! Of course the quality remains the same. That is unquestionable when you have iPhone, the most innovative phone ever made. Downloading the iOs 10 beta in June and the final launch a one month later won’t end up being a huge surprise, but where Apple takes the mobile operating system is still a mystery to solve. Apple is preparing the redesigned iPhone 7, according to the latest information, and that means the device may take on a few surprises. Here’s what we’ve heard and want to see.

  • iOs 10 Beta
  • iOs 10 Compatibility
  • Siri and Voicemails
  • Make 3D touch relevant
  • Customizable Control Center
  • Apple News in the Forefront
  • Volume controls
  • Cache and Orientation Bugs
  • Multi-user Support
  • iOs 10 Touch ID
  • Many More iOs Updates to Come in the near future

We have to be a little more patient and see what the future holds for us, in this case what Apple hold for us. We know that you are dying to find out more, but you know how this things goes. Let’s leave it a little to our imagination. What is your opinion, what do you think Apple prepares for its fans? Every time is better and better, don’t you think. If we just take a second and remember the first iPhone 1 and his operating system and his features in general. Who would thought that the technology can evolve that fast, creating an opportunity for us to connect with every person on this planet. Nowadays you don’t need to buy special camera to take pictures, when you have iPhone or any other powerful smartphone. Mobile phones today even replace the laptops and computers. How many times have you purchase something through your mobile phone? How many times have you write an email through you mobile phone? How many times have you scan a document, made an invoice, pay a bill through your mobile phone? All of the time right? And why not? It is faster, more convenient and you can do it on to go. Probably the smartphones know that we are very busy people so they are just making everything easier for us. Don’t you think so? Well, all that is left to say is that, we are going to be patient and we are going to let the future surprise us!