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There are various reasons why smart phones, tablet PCs and other mobile devices are running on Android today. Android devices have captured almost 50% of the mobile devices market. What is the reason for its phenomenal success? Android App Developers and consumers today are actively seeking out mobile devices running on Android. The Linux based operating system has found loyal customers worldwide who are benefiting from the many advantages of using Android.

Why Android App Developers Chose Android

If you ask some of the most professional Android App Developers why they chose Android as their primary operating system, they are going to tell you because of many reasons. But we have made a better research and we have found out all of the reason why Android is so popular among the developers and customers too. Keep reading this article and you will discover too!

Android’s benefits and Android Apps Development

  • Open Source

Android is an open operating system, developed by Open Handset Alliance and owned by Google. When Google released the source code for Android, it helped in making Google Android app development a much easier task. Google also supported developers in customizing the OS to suit various mobile devices. Comparatively, the source code for Apple’s iOS operating system is not available in the public domain; hence, iOS app development remains a challenging task. Therefore, we find that Android offers both flexibility and functionality as well.

  • Backing Of Google

The development team of Android has consistently brought out advanced versions of the operating system, with better features and improved functionality. Google has released four generations of Android, with the latest named Ice Cream Sandwich. Each generation of the OS features consistent development in technical performance and user interface.

  • Affordable Prices

The affordable pricing of Android devices has attracted many handset manufacturers and stimulated market competition. Consumers who are price sensitive can own a low-end Android phone and take advantage of its many features. Hence, Android phones have successfully captured the low-end segment. In comparison, Apple’s iPhone products have been priced higher, which limits its potential of reaching the masses. This factor also makes it difficult for Apple to woo the low-end segment of customers.

  • Dedicated Developer Community

When Google released the source code for Android, this greatly benefited business owners and the developer community. There is a community of dedicated developers who make changes to the Android OS to suit the changing business requirements of its users. The developers frequently upgrade the operating system and freely offer their services to business owners who face problems while using Android applications. The source code for other operating systems is not publicly available which limits the ability to customize the OS for a particular business function.

  • Many device options

The deployment of the Android operating system is not limited to any particular mobile device. All types of mobile phone devices have adopted Android OS. In fact, most handset manufacturers are using the Android OS besides Blackberry, Nokia and Apple, whom have developed their own unique operating systems.

Hire Android Developers

If you are interested into getting into the world of app development, then you should consider hiring professional Android app developers. They are more than experienced in this field and they are going to help you with anything that you need!